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食戟のソーマ ア・ラ・カルト - Shokugeki no Soma ~à la carte~

Created On: 2014 Status: Ongoing Type: Novel

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Rating :9 votes recorded. (average 4.22 rating)

Alternative Names:

Shokugeki no Soma A Ra Karuto


Vol 01 Chapters list:

  • Megumi's Journey
  • Takumi's Suburban Battle
  • The Lost Recette
  • The Quiet Polar Star Dorm
  • Magical Cabbage

Vol 02 Chapters list:

  • Memories of the Two
  • In Pursuit
  • Sweet Memories
  • Festival Girl
  • Fermented Goods Store, House of Sakaki

Vol 03 Chapters list:

  • Yukihira in New York
  • Good Morning Vietnam
  • Alice of the Viking Country
  • Gourmet Street
  • Kurase's Heart Pumping Diary

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