Nyaight of the Living Cat
Nyaight of the Living Cat
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Nyaight of the Living Cat

Genres Horror, Shounen
Status Ongoing
Author Hawkman
Type Manga
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Synopsis Nyaight of the Living Cat

世界は、猫に支配された。人間を猫に変えてしまうN・Nウイルスによりパンデミックが発生。人類は猫に襲われ、次々と猫になってしまう。これは多くの仲間を猫にされた男の、人類を取り戻す戦いの記録――。全世界待望のゾンビ新時代到来!? 衝撃のキャットフルホラー、爆誕。

The world was dominated by cats. A pandemic occurs due to the NN virus that turns humans into cats. Human beings are attacked by cats and become cats one after another. This is a record of the battle of a man whose many companions have been turned into cats to regain humanity. The long-awaited new era of zombies has arrived! ?? A shocking cat full horror, Bomb.