Osaka Madam, Koukyuu-hi ni Naru!
Osaka Madam, Koukyuu-hi ni Naru!
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Osaka Madam, Koukyuu-hi ni Naru!

Status Ongoing
Author TAI Noel
Type Manga
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Synopsis Osaka Madam, Koukyuu-hi ni Naru!




Renka (Lianhua), a merchant’s daughter, possesses memories of her previous life. Born and raised in Osaka, she has now reincarnated into a world that closely resembles ancient China. Forced by her father. she enters into the imperial harem to undergo bridal training along with many other concubine candidates. However, troubles assail her one after another, as there are instances where she reverts to her Osaka dialect and is looked down on by upstart concubines overall. Driven by her strong merchant’s spirit, she vows in her heart to survive in the imperial harem through commerce rather than her status as a concubine. One day, a single man visits her chambers. Naturally, the only man capable of entering is the emperor himself. He hands her a single order, which is to cooperate with him in stopping the empress dowager from obtaining political power.


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